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When someone dies without leaving a will problems can ensue if little or no information is known about the deceased's family. We are expert at tracing the next of kin to the deceased, very often commencing a case where the only known information is the deceased's date of death.

M L Feltham & Co was established in 1980 by Mark Feltham to assist the legal profession in the tracing of missing and unknown beneficiaries in intestate matters and in the tracing of named legatees who have gone missing since the writing of the will.

We were able to swiftly build a reputation for expertise and reliability with solicitors throughout the UK and more recently with lawyers and attorneys overseas.

We also act in these matters on a speculative basis where there are no instructing solicitors or the solicitors are acting as custodians and are unable to authorise fee payments from the estate. In each case the custodian has been unable to trace next of kin and in this instance our remuneration is by way of a contingent arrangement with the heirs we succeed in tracing. This is payable to us only if and when the heirs receive their monies by way of the estate's distribution. This thereby allows heirs to receive funds to which they were unaware and for whom without our speculative work having been conducted would have remained so, and the estate unclaimed.

Since 1980 vast improvements in technology have enabled us to further refine our searching capabilities to provide a thorough and swift solution in this highly specialised field.

We have a small full time team of researchers who utilise the facilities at the Family Record Centre on a daily basis and we have built up a network of associate researchers both within this country and overseas.

When contacting next of kin we are always mindful of the sensitivities involved and that we trace people and not simply names from the past. Each case has a history, each case is different and each case is investigated by us with the professionalism we have strived to achieve.

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